Dental Comfort Options in Midland, MI

Many people do not go to the dentist for regular checkups, which can be detrimental to their oral health, because they experience a dental anxiety or phobia. In order to help serve the dental needs of his patients without triggering a negative association, our dentist provides sedation to our patients. These medications do not put patients to sleep, but instead help them relax during their visit; some of these medications can even cause a patient to forget parts of their visit.

John Carter, DDS provides sedation dentistry to the communities of Midland, Sanford, Auburn, and Hope.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is used as a mild sedative. This inhalant is administered through a nose hood, which is consistently worn throughout the procedure. Nitrous oxide helps create a euphoric sensation to improve your overall mood; it helps dissipate any anxiety felt during procedures our Midland dentist provides. The relaxation this sedative induces, as well as the fact that it has few side effects, makes nitrous oxide an ideal solution for simple dental anxieties.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation involves the patient taking some pills that dampen their senses without inducing sleep. These pills are taken before the appointment begins, and may be given again during their visit to maintain the effect. Noises, scents, and feelings from their visit to our Midland dentist are often not remembered by patients after undergoing oral conscious sedation, and the relaxation is so thorough that you are advised to have someone drive you to and from the appointment if you take the pills.

The reason that oral sedation works this way is because most of the pills taken are benzodiazepines, a type of medication used to treat muscle spasms, insomnia, general anxiety, and seizures. Dr. Carter also uses hydroxyzine, a type of antihistamine with sedative properties, to produce lighter but similar effects. For dental sedation, the amount and type of pills taken are dependent upon the length of the procedure. The pills we rely on for oral conscious sedation are:

• Valium®—This benzodiazepine pill is one of the more commonly used oral sedatives in dentistry. It also has the longest lasting effect, so our Midland dentist uses it for longer procedures and visits.
• Versed®—Also a benzodiazepine, this sedative has a very short-term effect. It is only used to treat patients during dental visits as short as thirty minutes or less.
• Vistaril®—This hydroxyzine pill has only a light sedative effect, but it also has the least amount of side effects. For patients who have concerns about being too strongly sedated or who have a shorter visit, Vistaril® might be a perfect fit for their dental needs.

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